Kulový blesk (1979) (Ball Lightning)

The biggest event in the history of moving.
Комедия • 82 минут  7.9/10
В ролях: Rudolf Hrušínský Josef Abrhám Daniela Kolářová Bedřich Prokoš Karel Kalas Zita Kabátová Milada Ježková Ladislav Smoljak и другие.
Выпущен • 1 августа 1979 г.

A comedy about exchange of 12 apartments , which, its organizer, lawyer Radosta, rightly called Action Ball Lightning. To prepare, organize and execute the exchange of twelve apartments is a work worthy champions. Radosta, who was excellently played by Rudolf Hrušínský, solved all sudden difficulties and complications on the fly and with grace. To be sure that the on the D-day everything goes well he prepares a little rehearsal, which reveals many minor issues caused for example by wedding ordered to inappropriate term or hesitation of some participants. Last but not least a night…

A.K.A. DE: Der Kugelblitz  ES: Kulový blesk  FR: Kulový blesk  PT: Kulový blesk  RU: Kulový blesk